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12 thoughts on “Welcome to the club that cares”

  1. I recently bought myself a bicycle with an intention of exercising more.

    I was informed that riding a bicycle is a good and healthy way of keeping fit.

    I would like to enquire if you offer any races/lessons for people who are beginners at riding .

    I would also like to know how much your membership is.


  2. Hi guys been off the bike for a number of years and unfortunately due to laziness and a sedentary lifestyle(lazy couch potato ) i have notbeen in the saddle for approx 5 years.

    please let me know what your fees ( membership and club kit) are …and in the meantime i will get the bike and get my backside into shape, hopefully i will be able to join you shortly and actually keep up and not straddle behind . i plan to join you in the next 4-5 weeks

    kind regards


    please keep up the good work

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