Together we can

31 December 2013 ended with a coffee ride on our winter morning training route. A good turn out from fast, medium and slow cyclists with the promise of coffee and waffles after the ride. Sadly half the group stopped for coffee at the Wimpy on Kritzinger road, while the rest returned home.

After the ride, two local SAPS offices spoke to two of three of our group and the next moment we were all posing for a group photograph. Turned out that they were talking to motorists, biers and cyclists all using the Engen for one reason or another. The conversation was centre around crime and how they were patrolling the area to keep it crime free for the day. Courtesy of the Alberton Record, the Germiston Winners as we were known on the day, published our photograph along with a few others.

Germiston Winners

In the photo: Rob, Robbie, Len, Gerald, W/O Ngubene, Willem, Spidey, Merv, Jason, Tyrone and Des