Club rides

Calendar 2016 (Jun-Nov) v0 (updated 23/06/2016)

Popular and regular used routes (distances and turn-by-turn) are for information only and do differ depending on the race calendar. Routes vary from the local rides out south, to the east and the north. Important information to consider on rides:

  • Saturday & public holidays leave from Merv’s Hardware at 06:15. Sunday leave from Mr Porra at 06:30.
  • Riders to always take money for a coke and sometimes members may stop for a light breakfast or coffee afterwards.
  • Remember to look after one another, keep left and a roadworthy bicycle. Keep together and remember to ride as a group not race. Racing is done at races.
  • Please try & meet at the start of the ride & finish the ride.

Routes & Profiles

  • Saturday rides
    • Updated routes will be added soon.
  • Sunday rides
    • Updated routes will be added soon.

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