Friday Night Crit

Let’s get ready to r… race.


With covid-19 here to stay for an unknown period of time, and our club unable to organise a mass participation event until 2021, we’re eager to keep some form of racing going through the next 6-8 months. With that in mind, we’re going to host a Friday night Criterium race on 27/11/2020 at a short circuit behind Rand Airport.

  • When: 27 November
  • Time: 18:00 for 18:30
  • Cost: Your time, effort and perhaps a donation*
  • Duration:
    • Experienced Cyclists: 30 mins + 1 lap
    • Intermediate Cyclists: 20 mins + 1 lap
    • Beginner Cyclists: 20 mins + 1 lap
  • Where: Dakota Crescent, Germiston (next to the SAA Museum – where the 747 are parked)
  • Requirements: complete the registration form using this link
  • Rules:
    1. Safety First! Look before drifting across someone else’s line, aka switching.
      If the corner feels unsafe, slow down.
    2. Respect your competitors – there are no prizes for anyone, except bragging rights for the first person over the line after the bell lap has sounded. This is fun event that allows you to ride your bike at race pace.
    3. No helmet = no ride. Failed covid-check = no ride.
    4. Late arrivals will not be allowed to start – please get to the registration table 15-30 minutes before the start time. You need to “sign in”, next to your name that will be downloaded from the registration link above – if anything has changed from the time of the questionnaire being completed and race night, you need to declare this.
    5. The three listed events above are dependent on numbers on the night. The WhatsApp group will give an indication of interested numbers. You can join, once the registration is complete.

* Donations are welcome so we can cover the cost of the toilet hire (R2500). All other costs are excluded, but medical will be for your cost should you need it. A team will be on standby, but won’t charge anything if not used.

The aim of the event is to generate interest in regular week night racing, and isn’t limited to only this circuit and only organised by Germiston Wheelers. We will gladly assist you/your club to find a venue, organise and event and answer any queries you may have. Let’s spread the load and get people racing this popular discipline of cycling that is seldom seen in SA.

It only requires a handful of workers/marshals, a closed off section of road (that won’t see any traffic on that night), and some basic rules for the riders to adhere to. No need to spend money, as this becomes a burden to the team organising it. Word of mouth is good enough for this to spread – speak to your mates/tjommies and their tjommies. Anyone that gets a thrill out of riding fast, and being competitive will enjoy this format of racing.