You Can’t Actually Do IT Band Stretches, But You Can Ease the Pain. Here’s How.

LIOTIBIAL BAND STRETCHES SOUND NICE IN THEORY, BUT THEY’RE NOT POSSIBLE. INSTEAD, TRY THESE EXPERT TIPS TO EFFECTIVELY DEAL WITH A TIGHT IT BAND. BY DR. RACHEL TAVEL, PT, DPT, CSCS Apr 17, 2019 Note: taken from and used (unedited) without their permission). The iliotibial band—also known as the IT band—is not only one of

Two Barbell Movements Every Runner Should Know

Taken from TrainingPeaks, used unedited, and without their permission FEBRUARY 11, 2019 · BY MATT PEARCE These two exercises will help your upper body counteract the rotational forces generated by your running stride — for more efficient, injury-free training. Running is a total-body exercise. Although your lower half is what propels you forward, a stronger upper body will