Teddy Bear donation

Join the club, or help donate a soft, stuffed teddy bear, to a children’s home.

One of the club’s selected charities, AMCARE, have the need for teddy bears (the soft, cuddly type). Often, a child’s first toy might be a teddy bear or another stuffed animal. Think back to your childhood… did you have that one significant toy, that became your friend, companion and helped when things got tough. Children of all ages use toys, teddy bears and stuffed animals for coping, expressing emotions and sometime the only playmate.

Benefit of a favourite toy or stuffed animal / teddy

  • First real friend
  • Stuffed toys will receive names and become constant companions. Personal connection
  • Emotions are tested out on these silent friends – they may be thrown, hugged, hit, and kissed.
  • Children work through challenges
  • Kids often share their feelings with stuffed toys
  • Have deep, imaginative or very real conversations with their friend
  • After an upsetting day, a child can come to a stuffed friend and reenact the event, helping them deal with difficult emotions.
  • Help children calm down
  • Positive physical touch (many children don’t experience)

Each toy should have a ribbon attached with the following card tied to the toy. Each cyclist can write a message for the child on the card, but the following cannot be included their private information or contact numbers.