Club rides

“I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.” ~ Jimmy Dean

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All club rides start from the same location, at Decathlon, Newmarket Mall (cnr Vootrekker Road & Ring Road East, Alberton).

Start times

The club has organised rides on a Saturday, Sunday and most public holidays, and vary according to the time of year, as well as each day. During the week, we have 2-3 groups training in the early morning before work:

Day “Summer” “Winter”
01-Sep to 30-Apr 01-May to 31-Aug
Tuesday 4:30 4:30
Thursday 4:30 4:30
Early Bird 5:00 5:30
Saturday 6:15 6:45
Sunday 6:15 6:45
Public holiday 6:15 6:45


There are now 2x Early Bird rides, a medium/fast group (32-34Km) and a slow/medium group (22Km). Both start and finish at Merv’s Hardware, in time for the normal club ride start time. This is ideal to get extra distance in before the club ride. Also works well if you have other plans for a Saturday, and can’t complete the club ride.

Ride Schedule

Below is the plan for the Early Bird rides for Spring/Summer ride times:

  September October November December
Route Km 02 09 16 23 30 07 14 21 28 04 11 18 25 02 09 16 23 30
1 34     x          x     x    
2 32 x         x       x  
3 33 x       x        x
4 34 x   x     x        
5 32 x     x   x        
6 33 x     x x      


Route maps can be viewed online at these links:

Early Bird Medium/Fast
Early Bird Slow/Medium
Route 01 Route 01
Route 02 Route 02
Route 03
Route 04
Route 05
Route 06

Start Venue

Use the map to get directions to our start point:

Coming soon…


Early Bird routes have been added (above). We are working on adding a list of routes, together with the calendar. Route profiles, distances, elevation gain and perceived difficulty will be listed.