Criterium racing – club champs

Winter is a time where many cyclists stay in bed, or train on the indoor trainer. As a club, we used to keep the members warm through winter by organising club championships events. 2012 was the last time we held these events, and it’s back with a bang in 2015.

This past weekend, we held a criterium (lap racing) as the third part of a series of events. The course we found was perfect to race on – quiet streets, relatively flat and three big traffic circles to negotiate. The course length was 2.5Km, with about 11m of elevation gain per lap. 20 minutes + lap was the format for a slow group (elderly gentlemen and the ladies). and a fast group (the licensed Vets and youngsters).

It turned out to be a fun-filled event and probably the best one of the series.

YouTube video –